Strategies For Survival In An Angry World


The book “Strategies for Survival in an Angry World” written by Dr Eva Bell is very well researched and methodically presented. It makes interesting reading as it deals with the various facets of Anger.

Eva is a medical graduate from the famous CMC College, Vellore in South India Her rich and vast experience in many fields, has been gathered from working in different locations in India, as well as in various other parts of the world like the UK , Saudi, Brunei, Iran. She has very cleverly illustrated, intertwined the facts, compared and demonstrated all the many forms of anger and anger management.

The writer has revealed a very deep understanding, reasoning, and a balanced approach in the presentation of the topic. We tend to think that anger is an obvious and normal reaction, when we are faced with certain difficult situations. She has very ingeniously pieced together the many facets of anger and patterns of its manifestation. She correlates the close inter-action between emotions and temperament, elucidates what happens when we are angry, and consequently shows what anger does to us.

Moving on to the different functions, she deals with ways of dealing with anger, vividly depicting anger in its various forms. Eva brings out the co-relation between stress and anger, and goes on to find out whether anger is justifiable. Moving on to classifying different grades of anger, she cleverly demonstrates the art of how to be angry and more importantly how to avoid it. Finally she comes up with the universal answer to anger namely Forgiveness.

Commodore A Cherian. (Retd)

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