A Miracle to Cherish.


            Sometimes inexplicable things happen and we call them miracles.

After exhausting all our medical options we turned to religion and did the round of churches. So when a miracle did happen, I felt it was our due.

            We had been married for five years and had no children. Carol my wife was sinking into depression. From a sprightly woman with bubbling energy, she had grown morose and often silent. “I’ll soon be too old to be a mother,” she moaned.

            I was driving her to the beach hoping that the sea breeze would be invigorating. Suddenly a naked woman dashed out of a house carrying a baby.  I stopped the car and the woman thrust the baby into Carol’s arms. “Take care of my son,” she said. But before she could say another word, a man came dashing out of the house, waving a gun. He dragged her indoors. There was no one else in the vicinity to witness the scene.

            We headed back to the Police Station and reported the matter. The Inspector jumped up when he heard the story.

“Right now I must hurry to rescue the woman. You can keep the child with you for the present. Leave all your contact details here.”

            Later we heard that the police had surrounded the house of the victim, calling for the inmates to come out. In answer they heard gun shots. Breaking in they found the dead bodies of the couple.

            The child was a cute little fellow and Carol said it would break her heart to give him up. His grandmother was the only surviving relative who could be traced and she was too old and infirm to care for him. So we applied for adoption and the legal procedures took many months to be completed.      Meanwhile the boy had made such a difference in our lives. Carol’s maternal instincts were in the fore and she bounced back into her old bubbly self.

A week after we signed the adoption papers to make Timothy our own, our doctor confirmed that Carol was pregnant. She was so engrossed in caring for our child that she had missed the symptoms of early pregnancy.

“A double whammy!” I shouted, hugging my wife, “I’m so glad that I never gave up hope, but I do feel so sorry for the boy’s mother who had to die to bring happiness into our lives. God works in mysterious ways.”


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