Celebrating Singleness.



A woman’s identity and self worth are not dependant on marriage. Singlehood is an option of life. Some are in pursuit of a career and economic independence; some take vows of celibacy to dedicate their lives to God’s service; some have the responsibility of caring for old parents or young siblings. Chronic ill health and physical disabilities may stand in the way of marriage. Divorce or death of a partner may leave behind single mothers.

What does God have in mind for single women?

  • When a single woman accepts God’s will for her life and places herself in a special relationship with Him, she is empowered to live a pure and positive life. She walks with poise and confidence knowing that her Saviour’s love is true, unchanging and eternal. “For your Maker is your husband, The Lord Almighty is His name…… For the Lord has called you.”( Isaiah 54:5,6)
  • Good self esteem comes when God is the significant person in your life.
  • Her time, talent, abilities or resources can be made available to those in need.
  • Being single provides opportunities for pursuing personal goals like studies, travel or new hobbies.
  • If socially inclined, she can cultivate friendships with people of similar tastes and temperaments. She can build her own support group.

Do we as a Christian community uphold the profile of a single woman in our churches?

A woman who knows she is loved, respected and accepted by her church gets a boost of self confidence. We need to involve single women in church sponsored programmes and other activities in the community. Diakonia –immersing one’s self in social concerns is a proven way of overcoming loneliness. The sick, the elderly, the lonely or the bereaved are always in need of comfort and help.

Single parents have the responsibility of filling the role of two parents. Divorce or death of a partner needs a period of adjustment. They need encouragement, counseling and sometimes material support. The Church and the fellowship of believers have a responsibility towards them. God wants us to be compassionate to those who are hurting.

Singlehood must be pursued positively. Single women must embrace their independence but also remember that their ultimate identity is in God. They stand in the company of women like Mother Theresa, Amy Carmichael and many other saints who have put their singleness to good use. They need to stand ‘firm in faith, have a spirit that is robust and a heart with high resolve.’


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