Danny’s hat sat rakishly on his head, his moustache and dark glasses made him confident in his new identity. He had a job in a Club, as Maintenance Supervisor. He had put the shameful episode of his past behind him.

Danny’s romance with the bottle had been his downfall. Irritated by his wife’s nagging, he had gone to the pub.

“Whisky,” he told the barman, “Make it a large peg.”

He gulped it down as if it was a glass of iced tea. Then he asked for a refill. He sat there until his eyelids began to droop. “Good Lord, I have to buy the roast chicken my wife has ordered.”

His pockets were empty.

The lights were out in the next house. He crept in to steal some money but fell asleep on the sofa. He jumped up when hit by a broom and scooted to the next house, where the same fate met him. The lady screamed as she clobbered him.

“You bloody drunken thief. Get out.”

His wife soon stumbled on the truth and booted him out.

At the Coffee House, a lady kept staring at him as if she knew him. At first he was nervous. Then he grew bolder.

“Perhaps the lady likes me,” he thought “I haven’t been anywhere near a woman since my wife threw me out. It would be nice to chat over a cup of coffee.”

“Hullo Danny. Where are your wife and children?”

“Who are you and how do you know my name? Have we met before?”

“Oh yes. You are thief who entered my house and I beat you with a broom. Congrats on your change of occupation. Perhaps your wife will take you back now.”


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