Runaway Widow

Runaway WidowTara a child widow flees from the confines of her village, in pursuit of her dream of acquiring a good education. Her adventures and misadventures in Bombay are many. But she surmounts them all with extraordinary confidence. She inadvertently helps a detective solve a complicated case, but somewhere along the way falls in love with him. This is her touching love story.

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  1. mary paul

    A very interesting book and one that grips your attention. Descriptive , vividly imaginative, honest, and easy to read. The author has obviously researched the history and practices of not just the Bunt community but also the transitioning during the independence period. The characters appear to be present day , ones that we can identify with although set a few decades ago.
    The matriarch of Nippur comes across as a very forward thinking and hard working woman, willing to take risks and at the same time filled with compassion. With a little encouragement from her brother she takes that bold stand and we see that justice is meted out. Very realistic , ending with her death before she sees her long lost daughter. Her death perhaps is necessary for the property to revert to Ranjan.
    The urge to know the sequence of events keeps the reader turning the pages swiftly and the quality and thickness of paper makes it easy to do so. The author’s writing skill and medical knowledge is evident when the accident scenes and description of illnesses come alive with details.
    A love story with a lot of twists and turns. Contrasting the innocence, trust and genuineness of the residents of Nippur house with the conniving nature and callousness of the enemies both from the same stock as well as others. A humorous insight into what really happened at the time of Independence and the life styles of British/Anglo Indians who lived in India. Swiftly moving between Nippur, Mangalore, Coorg, the tea estates, Mumbai and Calcutta, one gets to witness the existence of the caste system in the villages, the development in small towns opening door to education, the ease with which Indians and British worked alongside in the tea plantations, the fast life in the metropolis including criminal activities and mafia existing alongside the pioneers of education and social work in India.
    Spanning nearly 2 decades the reader is able to see the changes happening in almost all the characters. It is heartening to note that the young widows both Tara and Madura get married to educated good hearted individuals.
    Reading this book for the 2nd time within a couple of months did not make it less interesting. A lovely book with emotions and thoughts that come alive.
    Mary Paul

    • Eva Bell

      Thanks a lot Mary for your comments on Runaway Widow.
      I feel encouraged to begin writing my next novel.


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