The God of all faithfulness

Great is Thy faithfulness! What do we understand by that? While our finite minds cannot comprehend everything about God, we know that Love and Faithfulness are the essence of His Being. They are the expression of God’s favor to His children.

Ps 85:10,11 says “Love and Faithfulness meet together………..and Righteousness looks down from Heaven.”

It conjures up the beautiful picture of God reaching down, to embrace His Covenant people. Through out History, God has made covenants with men. His New Covenant, which has been ratified by the blood of His Son, calls for simple faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Our future depends on God’s faithfulness to this promise. 2Tim. 2:13 assures us that even

“If we are faithless, He will remain faithful, for He cannot disown Himself.”

Faithfulness is “dependability.” His constancy, His permanence, His faithfulness, call for an answering response of obedience, absolute trust, a life of righteousness, and continuous praise, from us His children.

How do we know that we have a God who is faithful? When problems come, then we learn. Was any man more tested than Job? Who shut the mouths of the lions, when Daniel was thrown into the den? Are we not familiar with Paul’s incredible endurance through Christ? Whatever happens in a Christian’s life, God already knows, and has it all worked out. Has the Lord not said, “My Grace is sufficient for thee.”

Like the psalmist, (Ps. 89.) let us acknowledge His faithfulness, magnify it by singing and telling others about the wonderful Savior we have, and submitting to His will. However, God will chasten us when we go wrong. (Ps.89: 32 “I will punish their sin with a rod, and their iniquity with flogging.”) But He is faithful to forgive, when we seek His forgiveness, and still continues to love us. (Ps. 89: 33 “ I will not take my love from him, nor will I ever betray my faithfulness.”)

God’s faithfulness demands a greater reverence from us, and a commitment to proclaim it to all the world.

May we be able to put our trust in the God of all faithfulness, and say, “My times are in Your hands.” Ps 31: 15.


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